Laid Off, Move On! Audio Program 50

Laid Off, Move On! Audio Program 50

Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist

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Redundancy and Unemployment 

are difficult challenges for all new job-seekers!

This recording was developed after working experience was gained in HR outplacement services and many years working within the therapeutic practice of Michael Mahoney. 

Being Laid off, or redundant as it is described in the UK, can bring many challenges to the affected individual.  Not just the obvious one of loss of income, but the emotional impact can linger and develop and deepen, affecting family and friends too. 

This post redundancy support audio program, available on MP3 download or CD set is unique in its make up, with specific encouraging information and descriptions, unique imagery, with structured interlinked sessions all delivered in a caring, gentle and encouraging way.  The author had experienced the impact of redundancy first-hand, and uses his personal  experience as well as professional experience to bring together an audio program which has resonated with many over the years. 

As a company we have made it our business to respond to the difficult challenges our clients face, our structured audio programs have been effectively doing this for more than 20 years.

The CD set, has 2 x multi track CD's covering 6 tracks with over 130 minutes of structured, interlinked recordings and a suggested listening schedule. 

The ideal audio program for the recently jobless.

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