Anxiety / GAD Audio Program 120 MP3 Download

Anxiety / GAD Audio Program 120 MP3 Download

Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist

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Anxiety Audio Program 120 ...

... was developed specifically for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Transfer our anxiety hypnosis MP3 download - to your PC and then to your mobile device if you wish, this is one of our largest programs:

Multiple interlinked sessions (16 sessions in all)

  • A clear introduction.
  • 2  ‘familiarization’ sessions, helping you to become comfortable with the process of working towards your goal, gently and easily.
  • 2  ‘resource library sessions (Between them containing 19 important explanations and descriptors).
  • 10  structured interlinked audio sessions.
  • 1  track of ambient music for self-relaxation.
  •  a structured listening schedule using Michael’s proven OPSIM approach.
  • symptom check list and more.

This MP3 download provides:      

  • a structured, caring approach,
  • gentle, easy imagery,
  • provides encouragement and understanding,
  • all delivered in a sensitive way.

Sound Clips 1 - 4  (see below for others)   

        Session 1  Session 2   
     Session 3  Session 4

Product Description

Our anxiety / GAD hypnosis program was developed specifically to be a home use anxiety treatment. Most anxiety sufferers will be able to relate to the difficulties of travelling to appointments for therapy or counselling when battling the often relentless anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety hypnosis download a solution…

Developed by Michael Mahoney an award winning medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist who has been working with anxiety sufferers since 1986. After the success of his IBS Audio Program 100 a home use program for IBS, he decided to invest the time, effort and finance into developing a home use anxiety hypnosis mp3 download to take away some of the worries about travelling to appointments.

In fact the anxiety hypnosis download became the largest and fullest self-help program he had developed at that time. Because of the complexities of the anxiety condition, the development of this program took several years to produce.  

We have often been told the structure and quality of our recordings are beyond expectation.  The structured approach is also often welcomed by users who want a proven structure to maximize the benefits of the listening.

Look at the structure of this program, and compare it to others. We haven’t padded it out in any way, simply we have focused on delivering the very best anxiety hypnosis download we can.

From the start, the introduction is about you, the mind and body response. It does not pad out and fill the session in masses of detail about the complexities of the anxiety state, or the physical responses, it is assumed you know enough about the anxiety state anyway, or you may choose not to know too much. 

It introduces the author Michael Mahoney; a medical centre based Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Cheshire, England, well known for his effective hypnotherapy programs, (he is the man behind the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100) and for his ability in making complex matters structured and easy to understand.  He leaves complicated terms and medical speak to others, settling for easy clear language instead, because the easier it is to understand anxiety, the easier it is to manage and control it.

In addition there are examples of good and bad anxiety, it recognizes and acknowledges the journey you are taking, and yet it also recognizes your ability to change, recognizing your decision to do something different.

This major recording of over 6 hours is structured with an accompanying listening schedule, helping to maximize your listening experience.  Michael believes it is important to structure recovery. It took some time for the anxiety to develop, it takes time for it to become familiar, and while we don’t like or want this to become familiar, it does.

And of course because of this it will take some time and structure to become familiar with releasing the anxiety, and also for the new positive thoughts and feelings to become familiar too. And it also takes time for you to become familiar in taking part in your own healing. This takes time and structure.  These recordings are the mechanics of the process.

Sound clips 5 - 10:   

 Session 5   Session 6   
 Session 7  Session 8   

Note: Resource libraries and Familiarization clips will be added at a later date, we hope 10 clips will be enough to give you a flavour of our anxiety program.

Anxiety is not a condition where there is a fix in a few minutes, if there were then anxiety would not exist, the pain, anguish, disappointment, frustration and reduced quality of life which affects so many people would just not exist.

Unlike many we don't promise a quick fix either, but the program is structured, easily explained without complicating issues or using jargon. 

This program is an aid in your journey of recovery. The journey may not be the easiest journey you have ever taken, but it certainly won’t be the most difficult you have ever taken either!

You might have recognized by now, that we are honest and upfront with you. We simply tell it as our experience has taught us, nowhere on this site will you be made false promises, we don't  ‘hard sell’ any of our programs either. We make it easy for you to buy, but we never hard sell. We believe that most people are prepared to work and learn for their recovery. With structure, understanding and new ways of thinking and believing this audio program helps you to do that.

No matter what else you have tried, disappointments you have had, when you feel the time is right, try this, work with it and contribute to your own healing and learning, and moving on, all in a gentle, structured way.

This anxiety audio program can be used alone, or in conjunction with other treatment methods. If you are anxious, feel panicky or are a little nervous, or you simply just want to feel better, this is the program for you.

With clear structure, imagery, suggestion, considerations, options of choice and descriptors all to help you, you can be sure that ample research, thought and planning has gone into this audio recording.

In addition to the introduction there are two resource libraries.

The first …

is a compilation of various thoughtful, encouraging and determination driven thoughts and explanations designed to help the listener to simply understand why they feel as they do. Using suggestion, explanation, imagery and metaphor these tracks are informational, designed for easy listening, easy explanation and therefore easy to understand. We don't believe in making things difficult to give ourselves some sense of (false) importance, we expect you will have heard all the medical and psycho speak already.  Michael believes the easier we can understand something, the more power and authority we can bring to resolving it.

Remember none of this has to be difficult!

This first resource library is packed with information, explanation and generally gives you an understanding of what is going on inside, why you feel the way you do, but without the medical and technical speak which so often is heard but often with limited understanding (unless you are a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist!). This resource library, is simply listened to as an audio recording, it is not hypnotherapy however it is an important part of the process because it explains to you, about:

  • how your internal energy is used, and depleted!
  • it mentions each moment being an end and a new beginning
  • physical responses
  • the mind and body working together
  • the emotional balloon
  • the conscious and subconscious
  • the fears about the medical professionals missing something, and,
  • explains positive alternatives to the words ‘I can’t’  Because you can!

The second resource library…

is a compilation of tracks to aid your management and recovery while going through the program.  Providing continuing encouragement, explanation and considerations to aid the learning and understanding processes. Using suggestion, imagery and metaphor these recordings are also informational, designed for easy conscious listening. It is taken after the two familiarization sessions (explained below).

This resource library prepares you for new learning, which will be mentioned during, and through the program. It mentions,

  • now and then
  • mind armies
  • setbacks
  • the light at the end of the tunnel
  • gives an easy explanation of positive thoughts releasing negative emotion
  • orbits of thought
  • unfamiliarity is not wrong
  • being perfectly you
  • taking time off from recovery
  • the old wizard (in the well-known film)
  • and the onion of memory!

Familiarization Session 1

A simple easy session of beginning the process of moving on in a structured way, simply easing you in to the process of working with this audio program.
It is important that the process you are working with is understood, structured and easy, and this session is so easy to do! (as is the entire program).  You have chosen to find a solution and to help yourself to move on in a more comfortable way. This is the first important step. Relaxation and calmness, a guided beginning to the process of relearning to feel better. There is nothing rushed or demanded, it is simply part of the process, and because it is fairly short at approx. 18 minutes from beginning to end, you know that this will be something you can easily work with.

Familiarization Session 2

This session helps you with continuing the gentle process, starting to feel familiar with the program, and working with Michael’s familiar voice.  You will be developing comfortable change through this gentle session of encouragement and relaxation. Again it is relatively short at approx. 23 minutes, so you know there is plenty of time.

The two familiarization sessions allow you and your subconscious to recognize that you are safe, the process is easy, and there is nothing for you to do except be comfortable and still as you relax, and become familiar with taking time for you, time to learn and relearn and to know that you are on a gentle journey of your choosing.

10 Structured Interlinked Sessions (Yes, 10 sessions!)

These sessions, along with the specific OPSIM listening schedule are the powerhouse of this program, building on the preparation of the resource libraries and the familiarization sessions which have laid a foundation of understanding, calmness and developing awareness of your own ability to learn and relearn and to do something different.  Using hypnotherapy, relaxation, suggestion, metaphor and guided imagery these sessions now help you to:

  • once again develop and build your inner energy
  • help to develop Confidence and Self Esteem 
  • provide suggestions for reducing and defusing negative thought patterns and negative beliefs and expectations.

We all know that more than relaxation is needed. New thoughts, learning and understanding are needed if you are to make a difference. Self-encouragement, confidence and a range of new learning all go towards helping you to do exactly this.

And all this is provided in a structured and gentle program. We learn well when we are relaxed, comfortable and confident; this program will help and encourage you to do that. The structure, guidance and experience from a therapist who has been in practice since 1986 are all there to guide and help you.

And to conclude there is a track of ambient music for your self-relaxation.

... ...