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Are you a Medical or Health Professional?

Looking for additional proven resources to help your patients / clients.   

You have come to the right place!

We can save your practice money directly and indirectly, when your patients / clients use our products.

  1. Firstly our products are tried and trusted, and used globally. 
  2. Our programs provide another avenue of treatment for your patients.
  3. Our products are cost effective 
  4. Programs result in reduced patient presentation to your practice, which:
  5. Eases strain on appointment system
  6. Reduces administration costs
  7. Potential for easing pressure on prescribing budgets
  8. Our programs encourage users to take part in their own healing
  9. Can be used as a standalone treatment or part of existing treatment regime
  10. All programs are structured with interlinking sessions to maximise positive outcomes.
  11. Saves users taking time off work /school - reduces absenteeism.
  12. Easy to use.

All this while offering your patients realistic treatment options, where they take part in their own healing.   More and more patients are looking to avoid pharmacological solutions, so are many in the medical profession.  

Our programs are professionally produced, they have been tried and tested, and can be delivered by MP3 download and (coming soon) Streamed*. With the streamed version the patient/client simply click a link delivered to their smart device on a daily basis until the program is completed. (Streaming requires wi-fi / data use - users are advised to check data limits with their provider) 

Our audio Programs cover:

  • IBS in adults - 6 interlinked sessions. Structured over 100 days.
  • IBS in Children - 1 parental track, 2, Familiarity tracks and 6 interlinked sessions. Structured over 60 days listening
  • Anxiety GAD - 1 clear introduction, 2 x Familiarisation sessions, 2 Resource libraries (containing 19 explanations and descriptors between them), Plus 10 interlinked sessions. Structured over 120 days.
  • Stress - 9 interlinked sessions. Structured over 60 days.
  • Osteoarthritis - 8 interlinked recordings. Structured over 60 days
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem - 8 Interlinked sessions Plus bonus music track. Structured over 70 days.
  • Emotional recovery after cancer - 4 interlinked sessions. Structured over 28 days.
  • Insomnia - 9 interlinked sessions. Structured over 60 days. 
  • Laid Off, Move On - 6 Interlinked Sessions. Structured over 50 days.
  • Emotional Renewal - 9 Interlinked Sessions, 1 Affirmation track, Plus 1 Music track.
  • Plus others, and many single tracks which we are adding too. 

    Consider adding us to your resource solutions for patients and clients, individuals or entire organisations. 

    It's simple.  Purchase a group of access codes to give to your patients or clients, either as a stand alone option, or as part of your existing intervention.

    For your medical practice the cost is low - remember prices are 50% off regular pricing - buying group access codes makes it even more cost effective!

    As a health professional you factor in our charges into your individual or corporate service agreements.  When you have your codes, simply point your patient to our site, and they use the codes at check out.  Alternatively use your codes and order the program best for your patient or client.   Either way, it's easy, affordable and all round cost savings are enjoyed.

    Group access codes are available in blocks of  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 in fact whatever you want!

    Contact us for more information. 

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