About Us

We are a small dedicated team of professionals bringing you quality self-help audio health products, which have been tried and tested, often over many years. 

We will bring them to you at significant price reductions too, all with the consent of the developers, authors and contributors to this site. 

When you are feeling under the weather, struggling to keep going, perhaps even having to reduce work hours, or having stopped working altogether because of a health issue affecting your life, the last thing you need is a high financial cost in the way of feeling and getting better.

Our audio recordings are tried and tested, they have been used in the therapeutic environment, some of them have won Innovation and Research Awards, and the author of them has agreed to provide them at significant cost reduction to Patients Only customers. 

We see our products as an extension of, and an additional resource option to main stream medicine.  When times are tough we are here to help.

 Why Patients Only?

We want to help people who have taken responsibility for themselves and visited their physician to obtain a professional diagnosis. 

For example Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) cannot be self-diagnosed, some symptoms are similar to more sinister conditions.  That is just one example of why we decided to call ourselves patients only.

Because you have obtained a professional diagnosis you can be clearer in your mind of what additional support or resources you need to help yourself. 

By doing so you will be taking part in your own healing, committing time to your goal, and ensuring your money is spent on appropriate help.  

Every product on this site, whether developed by ourselves, or other providers will be discounted realistically, and certainly significantly lower than the authors official sites - it is one of those things we insist on when we look at adding products to this site. 

We look at the history of the product, how it was developed, designed, structured and so forth too.

So we are working to get the best health related products at the best prices, because we know, when you are not at your best, you need realistic help.

Some health professionals may be willing to provide our products to you. Ask them if they are part of our  Patient Access Plan. We are more than willing to work with as many healthcare providers as we can to make your life, and theirs easier.  

In a nutshell, PatientsOnly.org exists to help you in times of need, and to provide another avenue of treatment for you, and your health professional too. 

And because some of our products have been helping people since 1998, you can be sure we are here for you, whenever you need us. 


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